The powerful and intuitive profiling tool designed with performance in mind.

  • Profiles both ‘behavioural style’ and ‘mindset’
  • Leverages and maximises individual and team strengths
  • Radically improves the impact of coaching conversations
  • Recognises and utilises that people behave differently in different contexts

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SpotlightPROFILE brings cutting edge profiling to your organisation with a modern twist.
Spotlight can be used to enhance…

Individual Performance
Understand and tackle the blindspots that hold individuals back

Enhance the efficiency and team effectiveness of team meetings
Build stronger team relationships, respect and understanding
Shared Mindset
Forge a common language and a shared mindset


Building upon the breakthroughs from Spotlight, SpotlightTEAMS maps the context and performance culture of a team.

SpotlightTEAMS features:

  • Captures the team’s level of ‘psychological safety’ – a fundamental element driving high levels of team performance
  • Explores the key team dynamics that drive performance, engagement and effectiveness
  • Provides a strategic plan to take the team to the next level of performance


A unique framework and powerful methodology to tackle problematic situations.

Problem Cleaning is a simple and effective process that enables people be more insightful, productive and impactful when dealing with the challenges that they face.


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“In all my years of leadership and team-building I have never seen such an effective tool as SpotlightPROFILE which brought both individual’s personal profiles together with team dynamics assessments through a highly intuitive and visual process and interactive engagement.
Our first 24 hours of team development was entirely based on use of this tool coupled with the expert mentoring and support from the team of consultants. Needless to say, Spotlight will be remaining with us on our journey ahead.”
- Andrew Tyler, Algeco Group Chief Executive Officer
“At Manchester City FC, the Spotlight suite of tools are used across the club. Whether it is helping the 1st team staff and players, supporting our academy, or working with various management groups off the pitch, SpotlightPROFILE delivers high quality insights into how to get the very best out of each of us.”


- Omar Berrada , Chief Operating Officer Manchester City Football Club