Based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport, we designed SpotlightPROFILE to be practical, memorable and relevant to the modern world.

Our experiences in the world of elite sport taught us a hard lesson about character… people change when there’s something to be won and lost.

We learnt that it isn’t enough to just understand ‘Behavioural Style’, we also had to consider ‘Mindset’. Put simply, some people are trying to win, whilst others are trying not to lose – with both proving to be successful strategies when applied skilfully.

It’s less about where you are, and more about where you can get to.


To thrive, we have to be able to FLEX our behavioural style and COPE in a variety of ways.

The philosophy of the Spotlight suite of products is less focussed upon “where you are” and instead places the emphasis on “where you can get to”.

In designing Spotlight we’ve explored and researched the major dimensions of character based on the properties of the brain-behavioural systems.

This included the basic processes of motivation, learning and emotion.

Other features

  • Spotlight has been rigorously validated, using cutting edge Bayesian analytics
  • Spotlight is based a combination of two of the Big 5 personality models (the most researched personality theories) & Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (the only biological model of personality)
  • Personality Adaptability is inherent within Spotlight, a concept which underpins the skills and attributes of Emotional Intelligence
“Algeco Group is the world’s largest modular space solutions provider delivering modular buildings across 22 countries on three continents. Arriving as the new CEO in May my foremost priority was to build an executive team capable to taking the Company to new performance levels, and achieving an IPO within 1-2 years.

Mindflick were introduced to me and a few months ago we embarked on our team development adventure! The process and results obtained through our partnership with Mindflick have been transformational. In all my years of leadership and team-building I have never seen such an effective tool as Mindflick’s Spotlight profile which brought both individual’s personal profiles together with team dynamics assessments through a highly intuitive and visual process and interactive engagement. Our first 24 hours of team development was entirely based on use of this tool coupled with the expert mentoring and support from Mindflick. Needless to say, Mindflick will be remaining with us on our journey ahead.”

- Andrew Tyler, Algeco Group Chief Executive Officer

It’s time to move.

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